$79.99/ monthly

Access to a trader's forum where you can join Trading Roundtable's founder Samit Gala and other active traders of all experience levels in a moderated board with a constant flow of market commentary, trading ideas and much more.

Stocks in the spotlight: This section will highlight trading ideas for the next trading session with potential entry and exit points.

$899.99/ yearly


$149.99/ monthly

I have had great success reviewing thousands of charts a day, even more so over the weekend, and this led me to create the Trader's Edge Video, which is visible every weekend and shows you in a multimedia package every stock I am watching for the upcoming trading day and week.

Reviewing this many charts for most is a challenging task, taking hours of your time, which makes this service critical for those actively trading the markets and searching for the best trades, sectors, technical and fundamental analysis out there in video form, making it much easier for you to formulate your game plan for the upcoming week, and of course helping you profit with consistency.

$1499.99/ yearly


$299.00/ monthly

$1999.00/ yearly - Trader's Edge members

Take the guess work out of trading the market’s each day! The Bird’s Eye View video, out before the start of each trading day Monday through Thursday, will give the road map needed to attack the markets and optimize chances of making money, based on quality ideas. The Trading Roundtable does all the work, including reviewing over 4000 charts per day, analyzing the financial news before each trading day and filtering it to produce the top ideas and plays for each trading session. Instruction is provided on why specific ideas, plays and concepts are on the radar. The priority in this video is to simply the process, focusing on only on the top ideas which will help reach the end goal, making money!

$2999.00/ yearly

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